Project Description


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The Mission

Involved in a number of projects ranging from redeveloping the corporate website, the Intranet and managing company aquisition websites to developing and implementing projects related to the inception of an enterprise CMS application, Teamsite.

Tasks included design, build and maintaining the client facing area of supporting the day to day management of the website using Magnolia and Teamsite for CMS web template development, implementation and support in a J2EE environment, training and advice, working closely with the marketing team and other businesses areas to help deliver high profile websites for over 22 different financial product areas (See links below).

Sharing technological know-how and expertise to help deliver web solutions which will enhance the company’s online portfolio, we were heavily involved in the full scale upgrade project to change the initial client facing website running in Magnolia over to Teamsite.

In December 2008, a full CMS platform review was completed and this later kick-started a new project to design and build an enterprise website which was launched in April 2009 using Interwoven TeamSite.

In parallel to this, we used Magnolia CMS to design, develop and deliver web pages and initial work flow process for real-time financial credit auctions for defaulted firms such as Quebcor and Tembec. This process has since successfully completed credit auctions for Fannie Mai and Freddie Mac, Lehman Brothers and many more via

The Japanese version of the website launched in February 2008 to bring it in line with when it was first launched in September 2007. This involved implementing the new design, domain name re-direction for the new site, closing down the old website, managing communications in Singapore and issuing a technical solution for content editors which, in turn allows the users to manage their own pages. We also managed the content updates for this website which is essentially written in Japanese and in turn provided a 3 hour training session to the users and publishers for the site in Tokyo.

List of projects completed

  1. Re-designing, developing and implementing Magnolia, Markits initial CMS solution
  2. Managing the release of each delivery stage
  3. Re-designing, developing and implementing an Intranet cms solution using Adenin
  4. Designing and developing an online solution for Credit Auctions with CreditEx
  5. Developing an solution for CDS Model (see links)
  6. Designing and developing an online widget solution for CDS Data, working with core java developers to ensure a robust solution (see links)
  7. Re-branding aquisition websites
  8. Developing user tools for staff to auto generate tables for online delivery
  9. Developing email marketing campaigns both internally and externally via Eloqua
  10. Genrating vanity URLs for various product lines
  11. Managing the implementation of data migration from aquisition websites into
  12. Re-branding the Japanese website
  13. Defining requirements for a more scalable CMS solution – TeamSite
  14. Working with the marketing team to design, develop, implement, troubleshoot and launch the current markit website using TeamSite by Interwoven
  15. Training end users for various project deliveries including TeamSite, Adenin and Magnolia training
  16. Re-designing, developing and implementing online subscription forms for various parts of the website and posting information back to SalesForce
  17. Managed the full website migration plan from the old Markit website to the new